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by Peter Dines

ParamDrum is a Reaktor drum sequencer for people who want a fast, easy way to create unique sounding electronic beat sequences with a MIDI controller. It puts the fun back into creating rhythmic variations that can be saved, recalled and tweaked in live performance or recorded and arranged into the backbone of a track.

It doesn’t have a compressor or reverb – surely you already have these things yourself, right? – what it has is a fast workflow, and the ability to produce sequences that will surprise you as you create them. It’s not a one-button “tada, here’s your beat” randomizer, nor is it a traditional sequencer that expects you to painstakingly determine every detail. It’s a nice balance between the two. I put a lot of effort into the usability and workflow and I hope you’ll find it as much fun as I do to work with.

The most important features:

  • Note velocity represents probability a step will trigger
  • Enter and delete notes with a MIDI keyboard
  • Record per-step automation with MIDI CCs
  • Independent sequence length for each of the three sequencers
  • Extremely low CPU usage – 1 to 3 percent CPU on my four year old laptop
  • fun beat sequences practically fall out of it

Here’s a quick peek at the previous version, which uses some generic samples from the Reaktor factory library and has a different GUI.

Both versions are available for the comically low price of $15.00. Once you have purchased a password, you can open the RAR file provided here. A non password protected PDF on the drop has more details on usage and features.

Remember: you need Reaktor 5 in order to use ParamDrum, and you need to enter a valid email address in order to receive the password.

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14 Responses

  1. Joe Syndrome

    Hell yes.. That totally looks fun and seems like a go to tool everytime i need some crazy beats. Looking for download link now : ) Expect to be thanked in the album. THanks peter !

  2. amarillo114

    Thanks Peter for spreading you knowledge!

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  4. Albertito

    Does it run outside reaktor?

  5. Peter Dines

    Nope, it’s a Reaktor patch. So it runs in Reaktor, either standalone or as a plugin in a host.

  6. Veiss

    Hello, i just purchased Paramdrum, and recieved the paypal confirmation email. I didn’t recieve a password by mail. Maybe it’s too soon and you just haven’t sent the password yet or something. When i do get it where do i put the password. I tried downloading it on the drop, and it didn’t ask for one and just downloaded a file called downloaded file.

  7. Peter Dines

    The way it works at the moment is, I get notified by Paypal and then I send the pass. I know, it’s positively stone age doing it manually, but I haven’t had time to look into automating it. I know there’s some sort of Paypal API but I have to set up something on my own server, blah blah etc.

    The other option is to redirect the user to a page with the password but I don’t want to leave it hanging out there and have to rely on a robots.txt file to keep from getting indexed by a search engine.


  8. Albertito

    Hi, it’s me again.

    Do I need a specific version of Reaktor to run this patch?

  9. amarillo114

    Peter… you ensemble its awesome! Keep up the good work!

  10. William

    Really nice stuff!!! 

  11. This is brilliant. I am really enjoying playing around with it! Thank you.

  12. Peter Dines

    Thanks Soren, glad to hear you like it!

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  14. Thanks for the super post Peter.

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