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The impossible has happened: a ParamDrum update.

It’s got a brilliant skin courtesy of Jonathan Style, a new sound set based on samples from a very popular hardware synth (can you name it?), and at the moment only four new snaps. I could delay release and make more presets, but I want to get this out as soon as possible considering what a wait it’s been since the last update. It sounds like this:

This is a free update for people who’ve already purchased – the same password will unlock this skinned version. Be aware that I’ve migrated to the fantastic and problem free Reaktor 5.5 beta, and the new skinned version will no longer open in earlier versions. Get the beta here.

UPDATE: Due to popular demand I have posted a version of the new skinned ParamDrum that will open in the non-beta version of Reaktor.

The 5.5 beta is rock solid stable and if anything uses less CPU than previous versions. I have had no hiccups or crashes using it. Nevertheless, back up your custom ens before saving them in the new version, just in case you want to revert to 5.15. Like this version of ParamDrum, the Reaktor 5.5 update will be free for current license holders.

Haven’t purchased yet? $12.50 gets you the password to all versions, which are downloadable here.

Here’s the link to purchase ParamDrum.

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  1. Martin

    Yes, at last!  I’ve been waiting for the new skin and checking this site almost religiously for the last few months hoping that this day would come.  I love Paramdrum but it just started being too red after a while  :-D.
    Thanks very much!

  2. Peter Dines

    Hi Martin, sorry for the looooong delay. I’m trying to live by a “just do it” ethic lately – one of the 7 habits of highly effective sound designers, so I hear. ;-)

  3. amarillo114

    Hi Peter… any chance of 5.1.4 ver?? I’ve purchased the ParamDrum and I’d love to check out those new sample maps but still don’t want to install public beta 5.5 gotta loooots of Reaktor projects already unfinished and I don’t want to screw it… a 5.1.4 would be nice… Cheers! and congrats for this masterpiece of ensemble crafting!!

  4. Peter Dines

    I’ll see what I can do… worst comes to worst I’ll upload a folder of the new samples and instructions on adding them to the map.

  5. amarillo114

    cool Peter! that’s would be awesome! Thanks!!

  6. Peter Dines

    Yup, I just checked and Reaktor 5 non beta will still open on my iMac – thank goodness I backed up the folder on an external drive before I installed the beta. Just have to import the tweaked skins and load the sample maps.

  7. amarillo114

    Awesome!! Thank you Peter!! XD

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  9. jim

    woot!  very fun.  anyone having issues with the 5.5 version?  I’m running the reaktor 5.5 beta but it tells me the 5.5 version of paramdrum is “not a valid %1% file !”.  i can open the 5.15 version fine, tho.

  10. Peter Dines

    That’s weird… did your archiver give any warnings when you unrar’d it? I just re-downloaded it and decompressed it to see for myself and it opens in 5.5
    If you’re on Mac make sure you decompress it with this. Some other rar extractors have trouble with password protected files.

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